i may be dying but i am damn well making puns on my deathbed

    Setch: also i have no actual idea where these sheets came from, but i am glad they exist
    Ashkatom: sheet fairies
    Ashkatom: haha
    Ashkatom: the sidhets
#this costume is Impossible Actually it's pretty easy! With the arms she most likely has them folded behind her back, the floaty bits are attached to her shoulders, the lower ones are attached to the bigger ones and hang with fishing line, and seeing can be done multiple ways. From how the persepctive and position works in that pic I think the actual red part is on top of the person's head / forehead and they have their face tilted down. There! Magic ruined :')

haha, naw, I figured! but sometimes it’s just good to believe in the Impossible Magic of Cosplay, because dang.


By far one of the coolest #cosplays I’ve seen this weekend. The #younglady from #Transistor level 3 #newgameplus. Really want to play this game. By punishandenslavesuckers #pax2014 #PAXPrime


By far one of the coolest #cosplays I’ve seen this weekend. The #younglady from #Transistor level 3 #newgameplus. Really want to play this game. By punishandenslavesuckers #pax2014 #PAXPrime

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i have an assignment due tomorrow you see

    Ashkatom: after my stunning failure at getting up early this morning
    Ashkatom: I'm left thinking to myself
    Ashkatom: what if I go to bed now and get up early tomorrow
    Choco: this can only go well
take pity

take pity


    Ashkatom: man you can really tell my group members are little babbu designers though
    Choco: oooh?
    Choco: are they in the phase where OOOO SHINY
    Choco: add way too much stuff
    Ashkatom: naw they just DON'T VOLUNTEER IDEAS
    Ashkatom: I was all "no, tell me!" "dude that's cool!" "yeah that'll work really well!"
    Ashkatom: hopefully it helps them grow >_>
    Choco: aah
    Choco: I suppose it beats the phase where no one wants to use ideas someone else offers
    Ashkatom: it's loosely-linked individual work >_>
    Choco: ahh
    Ashkatom: they can learn compromise from someone else
    Choco: ye
    Ashkatom: #unintended badass
hello there~ a friend of mine brought this to my attention when she was reading the alternian calender and we were wondering what it mean w/ the equinoxes. what i mean is, it seems to mean two different things? one- the start of a month, and 2- the middle of season. the text above the perigees says when each equinox is- which is one per season (12), but the white dots signify equinoxes- which is one every perigee (24). the text at the bottom mentions that you would say the date with info about

whether it was after an equinox or before, but if the equinox is at the start of the perigee then there is no “before”. its on equinox or after. im pretty sure that text is supposed to relate to the text above the perigees (one per season) but since the word equinox is used to describe the start of each month also it can be a bit confusing. they seem like two different things to me and it was confusing us. please correct me if im wrong or not understanding this! ty for your time.

First equinox marks the start of a season, second equinox is halfway through and is the only one used for date-telling purposes canonically - there’s no ‘of the fourth dim season’s first equinox’. I think that’s your confusion? If I’ve misunderstood, let me know.

(just to make it super clear: between first and second equinox: the fourth night of the third dim season. between second equinox and next season: the fourth night of the third dim season’s equinox.)


The unit I flubbed is not flubbed as badly as I thought! I still get part marks for the first piece of assessment, so if I do okay in the second there’s a chance I’ll pass. Maybe even a Good chance!

unexpected side effect of homestuck updating: the calendar post getting a hundred and fifty notes in the past hour

hi guys, I guess we’re back?



My friend William joined the army

he’s very uncomfortable with the phrase “fire at will”

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