I’ve heard that european bra shops and sites carry a much larger range of sizes, and getting them shipped is almost comparable to paying what one would for one here. Of course this is me speaking from a usa pov.

Yeah, the problem with Australia is that a) Shipping literally doubles, at least and b) Our dollar is weak against the US and UK. There are some, like, Polish bra makers that almost approximate reasonable prices, including all that, but I’m not brave enough to attempt to order a really strange size bra across language and sizing barriers x____x

Okay, so. My binder is more comfy than any bra I ever owned was, and I shelled out money for nice bras. Plus the binder was cheaper. I’d honestly rec them for large-breasted peeps regardless of gender ID, if function trumps having 2 distinct lumps.

Yeah, I’m probably gonna end up just getting a couple of binders for simplicity purposes, since most days I just want to throw on jeans and a t-shirt and roll out of my house. But I’d still like a bra or two, y’know? When I’m wearing a properly-supportive bra and nice clothes and my hair looks good I actually really like how I look, how my boobs balance out my hips and how my proportions measure up, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to feel that way :(

dude how much do those things weigh how do you support them where’s your requisite breast-support crane

Allow me to show you my usual computing posture: 

…or not; suffice it to say that I can’t get the webcam back far enough to get my boobs in the shot. My point was this, anyway: flopping inelegantly over tables is an art. A back-breaking art.

'one day,' I mutter to myself, 'one day I'm just gonna get a binder.'

every so often, because I’m sad I don’t have any money, I’ll go and look at everything I want on the internet. This doesn’t make me less sad about my empty bank account, but it does solidify my future plans for When I Have Money Again. Usually it’s a new phone, a travel ‘puter that isn’t half dead, and sometimes a gym membership, but sometimes I let myself dream big (heh), and say:

you know, one day, I’m going to find a bra that fits me. And it’s going to be hellishly expensive and a pain in the ass to buy, but I’ll do it anyway

jocularwitticism replied to your post: IT’S OFFICIALLY THE HOLIDAYS!

Woo good work! …ok I gotta scroll away now it’s bugging me that it’s not ticked.

Fear not, friend! I ticked it right after taking that screenshot, and then I ran down the hill and bought lunch, because it was officially officially the holidays. I see your completionist tendencies and raise you my habit of thinking in completionism levels :3



negatively alters, catalyzes, destroys, changes, intensifies, dramatically alters, transmutes, fucks the fuck with?
Interferes with, disrupts, interrupts, negatively impacts, destabilizes, has a detrimental effect on, ect. Maybe one of those is helpful.
has sexual intercourse? idk what you want

I just installed xkit on this uni computer specifically to show the world that sometimes, Tumblr is awesome.

things I have trouble with while writing for academia:

I have been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of an academic way to say, “fucks with.”

a kangaroo

Australians are all branded at birth with a kangaroo already, bro, step up your game :3

RE: tattoo meme: some kind of Dol/glare ancestor tat involving a pun

See, Tumblr just gets me.

If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?

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